Visiting clients together in depth understanding of corporate culture requirments and pre requisites for new employees in order to facilitate and engaged suitable applicant by as required by the clients Search and selection process:
Examining job definition and constructing employee profiles through:
• Newspaper,

• Websites,

• E-career groups,

• Social media,

• Own extensive network,

• İşten ayrılan personel için tüm tazminat ve ücret hesaplamalarının yapılması,
Making proposals to designated candidates as a result of researches, First screening reviewing and evaluating the candidates’ résumés. Second screening making telephone interviews with the candidates.Interviewing the candidates applying competence-based interview. Submitting reports of selected candidates to the client. Introduction of candidates to the client.Screening references and submitting reports in line with and following company preferences. Clarifying commencement dates of employment and working conditions for the the candidates. Tracking the satisfaction of the candidate and the company periodically.