With its many years of experience and background ece provides extensive services on the following issues:
Legal basis and fundamentals for creating a suitable approach against basic problems,
Information about the content of laws ,
Consideration of critical points in labor agreements,
Standard documents required to be kept in the registration files of personnel,
Transactions and applications to be performed while the personnel are in employment,
Payroll, premium, bonuses severance pay, notice pay etc. calculations,
Labor contract termination procedures, problems that may be encountered and solutions to such problems,
Procedures upon termination of individual service contracts,
Prosecution process and its legal consequences,
Performance evaluation systems,
Importance of institutional working principles, personnel regulations and job descriptions during proceedings owing to termination,
Points to be considered in the trial periods of the personnel,
Tracking of annual leave and maintenance of the annual leave register,
In which cases termination is the last resort Which points should be taken into consideration in notice of termination,
Delivery of any required warnings, briefings regarding legal applications and changes,
Preparation of individual personnel files,
Preparation of all kinds of personnel and payroll related reports